Monday, April 30, 2012

Catch "phrase"

Some of my mom friends and I were talking the other day of the mis-pronounced words our kids say. We talked of how cute it is when they say them and how it is bitter-sweet when they grow into saying it correctly. We are happy they are growing and developing on que, but we will miss the cute things they say. I remember when Josh would say, “What is that in the world?” And I loved when Timmy would call Buzz Light Year, Buzz Lightner. And Bo still calls helicopters, hebachopper. My nephew Ayden has a couple of my favorites. He calls Popsicles, pop-a- socles. And my ultimate favorite is “smarshmallow”, I love that word so much I think we should call marshmallows, “smarshmallows” all the time, that is way more fun!!! So now I am hoping to hear from you. Either post on this blog or facebook me your “quotes” I would LOVE to hear them!!!!!!

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