Monday, May 21, 2012

I will race you home!

Well, let’s see. I have taken the wrong kids to the wrong practices. I have forgotten to pick Bo up from day care, and forgotten to pick up Josh from play practice. And then there is that time I picked up Timmy and Kate, and then pulled off and left him on the bench. Although I don’t think I can be held fully responsible for that one, he was reading and Kate and Timmy got off the bench and he never noticed. As you can see I already have quite a reputation. Well, today I just added to my list…. I didn’t leave a kid at school, I went to pick the kids up while my 5 year was put on the bus to go home. Yup, I got to day care and as I scanned the room wondering where he was, his teacher looked at me wondering why I was there. Yeah, I had forgotten the kids ride the bus now. I told the others not to ride it home but forgot to tell the daycare, so they put him on the bus of course. I went running out of there, I jumped in my van and took the back roads home. I was just praying I would be the bus, so I didn’t have to have to school call me, wondering where I was, just adding to my reputation. But I made it home 30 seconds before the bus got there. Whew. Thank goodness. I then stuck him in the van and headed back up to the school to see Josh’s robotics show, which was the reason the kids weren’t riding the bus anyway. The funny think is, well more like frustrating, but we will go with “funny” for the sake of my sanity. Anyway, I went back up to the school only to find out that Josh told me the wrong time. I wasn’t supposed to be up there at 3, I was supposed to be up there at 5:30. So it was never even necessary for me to go pick up the kids anyway. They could have just ridden the bus home, and avoided the whole, “sending the five year old home alone” issue. Lol And then to sweeten the deal, now that I was supposed to be watching Josh at from 5:30 to 6:30, but I had to coach Bo’s soccer game at 6:15. Crazy as the evening was it all worked out. A friend of mine coached the first 10 min. of my game for me, so I could watch Josh’s show, and then came back to finish the soccer game. Crazy, but it worked! Hope your week is off to a great start!! Mine sure is. lol

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