Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now to write about my nephew.

Ok, it is quite obvious now why I was asking others to send me stories they would like to post. Last week I was sure I was going to get back to work on my blog, well we can see how successful that was. LOL On the bright side, at least Bo is giving me less material to write about. In fact today’s story doesn’t have anything to do with Bo, it has to do with Jessica’s kids!!!!! Ayden PEED on ZAYNE! Yup, you read me right! Ayden peed on Zayne, and not by accident. It was pre-meditated. Granted it was probably 3 seconds pre meditated, but for a 3 year old that is some planning! Ya see, I was babysitting for Jess on a warm sunny day, so the kids were off playing in the yard making my life really easy. Bo came in to use the bathroom and Ayden and Zayne disappeared into the garage. Moments later I peeked into the garage to see how they were doing. As I opened the door I saw Ayden with his Spiderman britches to his knees and his equipment in hand, and Zayne was standing in a puddle. He apparently enjoyed the water works and was wondering why Ayden had turned it off. He proceeded to jump up and down in the puddle. Oh yeah, and did I mention he was barefooted. “Oh no Ayden.” I said. “You can’t pee in the garage!” As I scoop up Zayne to rush him to the tub, I felt his shirt was wet. I put 2 and 2 together and exclaimed, “Ayden! Did you pee on Zayne?!?! “Yup.” Ayden replied. “I sure did.” I looked at the back of Zayne’s shirt, and there was a wet line as if some on sprayed him with a small steady steam. Oh wait, that is exactly what happed. Only it was a steady stream of PEE!!!!! I am just glad to say this time it wasn’t my kid giving me such blog material.

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