Monday, April 23, 2012

A story from Gina.... ok I have debated on telling the rest of this story but then I thought maybe its better to tell it and get a laugh because all I really want to do right now is cry so here it goes! As I posted earlier Jello spilled in the fridge and ran out onto the floor and under the fridge. I start the clean up process and start taking the drawers out of the fridge. Im thinking great this was on my spring list so might as well get it done. (This is after I took several deep breaths and calmed down!) First drawer out and start washing. Now this fridge has plastic looking covers over the front of each drawer, why they couldnt write produce on the drawer itself is beyond me....WELL jello got between the cover and the drawer so I popped the cover off and CRACK! I busted it! DANG IT!!! Deep breath its only a small piece so I super glue it back on. Next drawer comes out and Im all careful with it thinking I cant break this one...RING!!! Phone starts ringing so I set the drawer on the sink (I actually hold my hands out to make sure its staying!!!) I make a quick grab for the phone... and as I turn back around what do I see? Yes the drawer sliding of the counter to the floor breaking into pieces!!!! Im not going to lie I said a bad word at this point! Back to super glueing I go, now I only have two hands so Im trying to hold the pieces and get the glue cork out at the same time so what do I do??? Grab the cork thingy with my teeth and pull! Super GLUE runs down my lip!!! With tears in my eyes Im thinking gasoline and a match would be perfect for this fridge!!!! OK I get all that squared away and clean and go back to wiping the fridge out. I get to the light bulb in the back with the plastic cover over it, low and behold jello ran down the inside of it. DEEP BREATH! Take the cover off clean it wipe around the light bulb and there is a FLASH AND POP!!! YES I got the rag to close to the light bulb and popped it!!! By this point and time I just sit in the kitchen floor and cry! Now while all this is going on I have Emma complaining her belly hurts, Maddie wants everything in the pantry to eat and Gage is smart enough to stay out of the way!!! Finally I shove a bag of crutons to Maddie and tell her to go to her room and eat them... I get the fridge put back together all the food put away again.... I step back to close the door and step in a puddle of water!!!! The bowl I was using to rinse my rag out had a hole in it and let a puddle of water loose across the kitchen floor and under the table!!! Maddie comes crying her eyes all swollen because she rubbed crutons in her eyes!!! Moral of the story some messes are better left for tomorrow even if it is cherry jello!!!!See More

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