Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a girl, no a boy, no it's a faucet fitting.

Here is a re-post to give you a little history for my next blog...tomorrow. It's a girl! No, a boy! No wait, it's a faucet fitting? Well today I was in Lowe’s and felt like a total girl. I guess considering the fact that I AM a girl there are worse things that have happened to me. Anyway I was already in Jackson so I stopped at Lowe’s to pick up some parts for Michael. I was looking for an outside water faucet and a fitting watchama call it, so Michael could fix our faucet that will not turn off. I spent the first 10 minutes wandering through the store before I finally asked somebody where they were. I was hoping to at LEAST find the “department” by myself. Nope. I was in isle 7 and the lady directed my to isle 34. I made my way over and found myself looking up and down isle 34 wondering if she had made a mistake. Finally, I found them. And when the girl arrived to help me I was just standing there staring at them not sure what to get. She then directed me to the bottom shelf, oh yeah; those looked much more like what I was looking for. So I then told her the line I had rehearsed on the phone with Michael before heading in. I said, “ I also need a fitting for ½ inch copper.” Her response was “Male or female”. Hmmmm. Ok I didn’t realize we had established a particular gender to water spicket fittings, but hey, I will roll with it. Not having any idea as to whether our copper was a girl or a boy, I gave Michael a call. Of course I am standing in an area with poor reception, so I had to keep repeating the line. “Is our copper male or female” “What”, I would hear him say. “Do I bring home a girl or a boy fitting”, I asked and then the call was dropped. The girl suggested I just take the “female” fitting just incase. and apparently the faucet I got was “male”. It said 10 inches on the label, but seeing how it is a “male” faucet, it is probably only 7. haha So either way I could make a match. As I made my way to the front I noticed I had a better signal, so I called Michael to give him the “match making update” Well, it turned out he needed a fitting that wasn’t male or female cause our copper piping didn’t have threads. So back to isle 34 I went. I found the “non-gender specific” section. I flagged down another worker to help me. He took me to the parts and said, “half inch IB or AD copper”. Well, to be honest those are probably not even the letters he said, I gave him a look that said “oh my gosh, my husband sent me in here for parts and I frankly I don’t know if I need boy, or girl, or what the heck part of the alphabet they come from.” He handed me the part he figured was it and I went back to the better service area to call Michael. I told him what I got and he sent me BACK for a shut off valve. Fortunately I found that without asking anyone for help. Whether or not it is the right gender or the LMNOP copper who knows, all I can say is “here ya go baby, hope it works for ya” haha I think I will go back to my old method of shopping at Lowe’s which is I walk in, find the department, and hand my phone to a worker and say, “here, can my husband talk to you.”

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