Monday, October 1, 2012

So what is for lunch today?

So I was informed of quite the story the other day. I was collecting Timmy off the Homecoming float when his teacher approached me with that “I’ve got something to tell you about your kid” look on his face. I immediately wondered if he was wrestling someone while the float was going down the road today, did he hit someone in the head when throwing the candy, nope! None of the above, Timmy apparently informed one of the teachers that I make bad lunches….story goes like this… Mrs. Gonzalez was talking to the kids about their lunches. Matt had brought spaghetti, and another boy had a big meaty sandwich, and when she asked Timmy what he had for lunch his response was… “Well, my mom doesn’t make very good lunches ‘cause she tries to go cheap.” I just had to laugh! And to think I didn’t even try the whole “cardboard animal crackers.” Lol

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