Monday, October 8, 2012

She's the man...part 2

And so the project began. Josh and I carried the drywall downstairs one sheet at a time. I was impressed one of us didn’t fall down the stairs. I got my utility knife and went to cut my dry wall, but it was too dull and I wasn’t sure where the replacement blades were or even how to change it. And then I spied my husband’s mini circular saw in a toolbox of mini power tools he kept in the basement. My eyes lit up, now that is what I am talking ‘bout. It took me10 minutes to figure out how to simply turn it on. I kept pulling back the plastic guard, figuring that in had to be moved in order to cut, but apparently it is a safety feature and won’t start while pulled back. Finally realizing this is an “anti-cut your finger off feature and it will automatically move when pressed against the object you are cutting, I was ready to cut. I looked at the dry wall leaning against the wall and thought, “Well, I should probably take this to the garage, put it on saw horses and then do my “sawing.” But after all the work Josh and I went through to get it DOWN the stairs, I was NOT going back UP. So I figured I would use my 2nd piece of dry wall as my safety guide to not cut an unwanted hole in my finished basement wall. And to cutting I went. At first I was just going to put the dry wall “next” to the light switch, but then I thought, “how impressed would my husband be if I actually cut around the light switch so the dry wall went flush against the door. Well, I was just a smidgen off in my measurements and when I tried to shove the drywall to MAKE it fit, I broke the light switch cover. Whoops! Well, so much for being over the top impressive, but at least now that I broke the cover off the light switch, my dry wall fit perfect. By this time Bo had joined me and was eager to help, so I let him make the line with the ruler I was holding and he used his crayon. You can still see the crayon marks today. Too cute. And then it was time for the shelves. I cut my 8ft drywall to 7 ½ feet so I could see the studs. This way I just eyeballed where to put the screws. It made perfect sense to me! Occasionally I mis-judged the further my eyes traveled from the studs down the wall, and I would miss the studs, but I would just re-adjust till I hit it. And finally I had put up my shelves. Of course as soon as Michael got home I had to show him. My favorite part was watching him as he looked at the ceiling and then would reach his hand up to touch the ceiling. I knew he was getting a feel for how far the ceiling was from his hand to get a measurement on how tall it was. And then came his thoughts out loud. “Did you get 8 foot dry wall?” he asked “Yes” I responded choosing not to solve his mystery. He stood there for a couple more seconds and then reached up to the ceiling again and asked. “Aren’t these 8 foot ceilings?” “yes” I said again and then after he seemed completely stumped I said “I cut the top off the dry wall so I could see the studs.” He laughed right out loud!” Well, it made sense to me, and made my job easier. So there ya have it. I hung my own dry wall and shelves

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