Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When I get marweeeed(married)

Bo and I had a conversation the other day that was absolutely priceless….. “Mom. When I get bigger and I get marrweed I am going to get my own house, right?” Bo said in his cute little munchkin voice. “Yes.” I answered “Mom. Are you going to get new kids den?” He asked “No.” I said with a giggle “You will just come visit me at my house?” He asked with all sincerity “Yes I will.” I reassured him “Cause you wike me, huh, mom.” He said more as a statement rather than a question, and I could hear the pride in his voice “Yes, honey, I like you a lot.” I said laughing again. “Mom, when I get marrweed and have my own house, you can give my bed to someone who needs it.” He stated “OK” I answered. I thought it was so sweet how he was so concerned with others and looking forward to helping. “You can give 2 persons my bed.” He said, because he has a bunk bed. “But if only one person needs a bed you can just bwreak it in half and give it to dem.” He said so sure of his logic. “Ok, I will.” I reassured him “I can’t wait to get marweed!” He said with a grin Oh what it must be like to be five. I just had to laugh at listening to his view on life. So simple, yet so giving, all the while everything is still magical to him. I just love it. He made my heart melt as boys can do to their moms.

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