Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My kids are older; this shoud be a piece of cake!

So seeing how my sister doesn't have much material right now I am going to take over her blog just because I HAVE PLENTY :) There is something about our kids being young. It just brings out the worst possible days and the greatest days we've had!!! Well this day was not the latter :/ My sister had a tight schedule and I wanted to get over to her house and workout with her. Changes things up having a partner...well what am I saying, I actually get my workout done when someone is with me :) I had recently lost my license in Denver over Christmas and had to go to the DMV before I got stopped without it. My sister was going to watch my kids after her work appointments that day, however I started thinking I should just take my kids. I mean how horrible could it be. My kids are usually good. I arrived at the Secretary of State in Albion, they never have a wait. I took a number and I was behind 3 people. Piece of cake ;) My boys did great!! They just sat in the seat playing with their toy cars. Sweet! So they call my number and this older lady asks me for 3 forms of identification. I panicked. I didn't even think about that and heck if I was hauling my butt back her. I began digging through my purse trying to find something with my name on it. I look over and Zayne is climbing over the half wall. I run over and grab him “Buddy no no. Ayden watch your brother for 2 min”. Go back to searching. I had an insurance card and a SAMS card...just one more thing. I look over again and Ayden isn't watching Zayne who is on the floor kicking off his boots, nope Ayden (my 4 yr. Old) is drawing circles on the wall with an INK PEN!!! WHAT?????? I grabbed Zayne and gave Ayden “The LOOK” to which he responded “What mom?” with a smirk. Thoughts of how much I could get for him on Craigs List came to mind. I basically held Zayne in some sort of Nazi Ninja hold and finally found my plane ticket from Denver with my name on it!!! I signed my paper, took the picture (Which I hope doesn't reflect my mood) and got out of there. All in the day of a mom :)

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