Wednesday, November 27, 2013

To MY Springport Community-Jessica Warren

Sitting here in my position I can’t begin to try and say Thank you. The feelings that I have are honestly overwhelmed with so much support! No one ever thinks this will happen to them and I know I did NOT expect many people to come out of the woodwork and band together for my son. It’s an amazing feeling to have your community rise up behind you in support! To look in this school and see these kids that are willing to support us with a T-Shirt not even knowing who I am or even more who Zayne is. It’s blind support and it’s heartwarming. As a mom I am in awe of the students, faculty, and citizens of Springport and as a citizen myself I am proud to say I live in such a loving strong community! I know there have been other tragedies and I also know Springport has rallied behind them as well! So tonight I am humbled and beyond thankful for our little community with such big hearts! And I am truly honored to say I am PROUD to be a SPARTAN! GO BLUE!!!

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