Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zumba for Zayne

Does a raised heart rate from laughing at the people exercising count as “exercise”. Tonight was Zumba for Zayne and first of all I was blown away by the amazing turn out! How awesome! This community continues to amaze me. As I walked in a “little late”(as usual) gaze was fixated on 2 grown men, in wrestling singlets and shorts, shaken their money makers.(Dave Pratt & Will Betz) I seriously could barely stop laughing long enough to tie up my tennis shoes. Oh it was too funny! I wish everyone could have seen it. Dave Pratt, the high school wrestling coach. Talk about feeling the love. The coach taking his team to the state finals was getting his “Zumba” on for Zayne. Gosh I love that guy!
After my tears of laughter dried I noticed two of the wrestlers from the team doing the grapevines cha cha. LOL Well, now that was just plain adorable. This big tough guys, Jacob Cooper and Taylor Whitmore were doing the cha cha for Zayne. As a mom myself this melted my heart. This high school boys have many other ways they could be spending a Thursday evening, and here they were supporting my nephew.
Finally collecting myself I thought I should get my own groove on. I had done the Zumba videos a few times, and this would be my 2nd live Zumba class, surely I was a hip swinging Godess by now, right?! Hmmmmm. Nope, I still dance like a white girl. Gotta love that grape vine move with the did full spin somewhere in the middle. I don’t know about you but coordination and me, not really the dynamic duo you want, I was just glad I didn’t fall on the person I spun myself next too. That would have been embarrassing. Especially since that person was Will Betz. Yup, he was nailing it! Him in his blue and white striped singlet, rockin the moves waaaaay better than me. I mean sure, his wife IS the instructor, but I’m tellin’ ya, he had those moves down. The grape vine, the cha cha, the spinning.
Despite my lack of coordination I did my best. And had fun, although how could ya not. Along with the entertaining side show next to me, there was Lindsey Betz leading us all. And that girl is amazing. You can’t help but be inspired by her. She gives it her all in that work out. And her beautiful smile is a window to her beautiful heart. Tonight she was donating her time and energy to Zayne. This girl is one powerful individual. She gave me a hug of support a couple months back that literally brought me to tears. I could feel her love and determination. I have always admired her. Her energy and smile has always brightened my day just by her being her. But tonight I felt blessed that her powerful personality was being used to help my blond curly headed nephew.
And then when she announced the grand total, I had to catch my breath. People and their generous support continue to amaze me. I watched Jess and her tears overflowed, and I leave you with her words…
First of all my sister has nailed the moment once again!!! She is right on everything!! Dave Pratt, the coach and Will Betz the firefighter J That was more entertainment for me than I had seen all week!! And the two wrestlers Jacob and Taylor!! What character!!! That, as Jamie said, melted my heart also!! Good boys right there!! And Lindsey!!! She amazes me!! She inspires me to push harder and set better goals for myself!! That girl gets up there and literally has a blast ;) And her smile is contagious!!! Love her heart!!
Looking out over that FULL cafeteria of people coming to give Zayne support is once again overwhelming! I don’t know how many times I can use that word ;) And then to hear the grand total….amazing!!! Again the words of how to even begin to say thank you escape me. This Community…All these Amazing People…have given my family the opportunity to focus on Zayne alone without having to stress about how much its costing us. Again I say......Thank YOU!

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