Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WAY TO GO SPARTANS!!!! by Super Z's family

WOW!!!! Congratulations to BIG BLUE!!! As parents of Super Z we have no words to describe the feeling we have! Dave Pratt will never know the meaning of what he has done. To have a high school wrestling team dedicate their season to a little boy and then Win Districts and then win Regionals is beyond exciting!!! We are so glad that these boys who have been so great with my son took home a trophy tonight!! To watch these big tough guys mop the mat with the other team, and then turn around and give Zayne a high five is absolutely heart melting!! Im so glad Springport went home winners tonight, because in our hearts they are true Champions!!! Someone showed us this video and this is how we feel about these wrestlers!! Way to go Blue!! We support you all the way and hope that one day you will come close to understanding how amazing you have been to our family!! Click on this link to see an inspiring story that depicts how we feel about Dave Pratt and the Springport Wrestlers!

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