Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Super Z update-JessicaWarren

Today was eye opening I think for Z and Me. Jake stayed home with a bug...STILL. Poor guy...was going to try and come to chemo but still felt pretty nasty from Saturday. So just my little man and I on the road today. The poke went pretty good. You never like to have your kid feel pain but it's a pretty awesome thing when you watch them choose to be brave. He fought me taking his shirt off but then I whispered in his ear to be brave and that mom was right there with him and would hold his hand the whole way he made a decision. Instead of saying I'm sorry to him...I decided to let him take his own little journey with it. Instead of making it my journey I challenged myself to put my baby in Gods hands. This is effecting all of us in our own way. I want to TRULY be a supportive mom. And even though I am beyond sorry that he has to go through this, it's time to move on to face what we have been given and try and LEARN all that we can. I have a whole separate blog about that and my epiphany ;) That will come later. Today was good! After the poke it seemed to be down hill...they let him play with the kitchen toys and he was having a blast...AT CHEMO!! Mom had to deal with thoughts all day long but as I snuggled my little boy in my arms and listened to him fall asleep instead of thinking about the what if's and the worst fears I choose to tag the moment. I am in the process of changing my perspective of this whole ordeal! Don't get me wrong...it's a minute to minute job...but at least I am CHOOSING to go there!!! Sorry I guess this was more about me than Super Z ;/ He is doing good...his appetite isn't the greatest. He is basically living off Popsicle and toast :( But hopefully that turns around...and if it doesn't we have a break in 2 weeks!!! 2 down...2 to go!!! Loved all the pics today!!! Almost cried on Jackie Hector this morning...it's still so amazing to me to walk into that school and see people decked out in Z shirts!! Just amazing!!! I walked Ayden to class and saw Mary Smith wearing one...You all will never know the feeling I get when I see it. Just too hard to describe. It's like trying to tell a person who doesn't have kids how much they will love their kids when they DO have them. They just don't get it until they are in the situation. Huge support for us!! Thankyou all!!!

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