Monday, March 3, 2014

To lie, not to lie....Bo's negotiation! By Jamie Lightner

Ok… so in our house when “mom” asks you to do something, it is generally a good idea to go do it. Well, those of you who know Bo and the millions of stories on this blog about him in his early days, you definitely want to hear his negotiation in this story. Bo has come along way since his tot days. I don’t have nearly as much material to write on him as a used to…(insert sigh of relief) lol
Well, the other day I said to Bo, “Go get your bedtime water and a book and get into bed. I will be in to tuck you in” And the conversation proceeded to go like this…
Bo: “Mom, will you go get my water.”
Me: “No, Bo. Now hurry up it’s time for bed”
Bo: “But mom I really don’t want to get it.”
Me: “Ok, then just go get in bed”
Bo: “But I will be thirsty.”
Me: “Then go get your water.”( insert eye roll)
Bo: “Mom, if you go get my water, I will never lie to you again.”
Me: (Trying not to laugh) “Bo this is not a negotiation, go get your water”
Bo: “Mom this is the only chance I am going to say this, do you want me to keep lying to you. I am only going to say this ONE time. What is your choice mom.
Me: (Really working to hold back the laughter, and noticing that he is now trying to use my words on me.) “Bo, this is not a negotiation.” I said sternly. “You don’t decide not to lie because I do something for you. You choose not to lie because you want to be trustworthy. Do you lie to me?”
Bo: (he responded so genuinely and matter of fact) “Yeah. All the time!” “So, are you gonna get my water so I won’t lie anymore?”
Needless to say, he went and got his water, and we spent some time talking about honesty. But, I had to laugh!!! That kid cracks me up!

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