Thursday, September 25, 2014

4 words...sounds like... by Jamie Lightner

You gotta love those moments when you are trying to have a conversation and your 4-year-old- thinks that their question about what snack to have is a very pressing matter and must be treated as a red alert, all first responders must arrive immediately or he might- just-starve!
 My youngest was at the age where we were working on the, “just a minute, mommy is talking, wait your turn” abilities. It seems he thought this meant, “ok, no talking, instead I have to communicate through dance and charades to get my point across.”
 I was talking with my mom one afternoon when Bo interrupted, as usual, with “mom, can I eat these?” 
“Just a minute Bo” I responded. Again, trying to teach a lesson in waiting.
“Mom, mom. “ He interrupted again.  Apparently the first time I asked him to wait he thought I was talking to someone else, or maybe I spoke in a foreign language, or perhaps my mute button was on and he only saw my lips move.  So naturally I made myself clear.  “Bo, YOU- are- going- to- have- to- wait- to ask me your question.  I am talking to Nonnie right now.  Just- a- minute.” 
 I returned to my conversation and was mid-sentence when a back of animal cracker suddenly appeared 2 inches from my eyeballs.  I froze mid sentence, trying not to go cross-eyed, while I grasped tightly to any patience I had left. I slowly turned my head into the direction that the protruding arm was coming from.  And there were Bo’s big beckoning eyes.  He brought the bag in front of him and with his other hand he pointed first to the bag and then to his mouth, not saying a word.  In that moment I just had to laugh.  Apparently next time I will have to say, “you will have to wait to ask or gesture your question to me.”  Who knows what he will come up with then.   
Bo is 7 now and I would like to say the lesson is learned…but just the other day he was charading something to me while I was on the phone, so it seems there is some sorta learning curve involved.  I’ll get back to ya when he is 10 and we will see how far he has come.   

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