Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hmmmmm. What is our purpose? by Jamie Lightner

What is our purpose?  No matter what faith you choose to believe, this seems to be a common question among humanity.  We all talk about a higher purpose, and the greater good, our mission while we are on this earth.  Lately I find myself asking that very question, but I answer it with… What if?  What if we are missing a key?  What if we are so busy trying to be somebody, or save somebody, or fulfill a greater purpose that we miss out on one of the very reasons we are here…to BE HERE.

Did you ever notice how good lush green grass feels on the bottom of your feet, or how rejuvenating it feels as you tip your head back to let rays of sunshine kiss your forehead, or how liberating it feels to experience  a gust of wind flow through your hair. 

Have you ever noticed how alive you feel when you just listen to your kids laugh or watch them run barefoot through the grass, playing a simple game of tag.  Have you ever noticed how timeless you feel when you watch your teenager stand up for themselves or take on a task and achieve a goal they set for themselves? 

Have you ever noticed how rejuvenating it feels to stretch your body or even put in a hard day’s work.  Have you noticed how momentous it feels s to do something you love, whether it is a part of you career or a hobby in your spare time. 

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to help a friend or pay it forward to a complete stranger, no one ever knowing what great deed you have done?

Well, lately I ask myself, what if that is what life is about.  Simply enjoying life. Often times we get so goal driven, so career driven, so task driven, and yes, even so higher purpose driven that I feel like part of our “higher purpose” gets lost.  Now, I am certainly not coming against the greater good, or suggesting  we neglect or even toss humanity to the wayside simply to feel our happiness is more important than another’s.    Please don’t misunderstand.  My point is, I think part of our purpose here… is to simply BE here.  Not as a hero, not as a martyr.  But to breathe in the air, soak up the world around us, and genuinely EXPERIENCE whatever path we end up on.  Genuinely experience giving, genuinely experience receiving.  Genuinely experience laughter and even to genuinely experience the tears.  Genuinely take the time to feel the grass under our feet. 

Yes there are missions of what we call our “higher purpose”  I am not saying there isn’t.  But what if it is just as important that we soak up and love this life.  Yes there will bumps and bruises.  But hey, if a kid let bumps and bruises stop them from experiencing life, no one would ever ride a bike.  And come on, we all know that riding bikes were some of the happiest moments in our life.

 ‘Cause here is the way I see it…To often we are so busy trying to achieve our “higher purpose” that it actually leaves us unavailable for our “higher purpose.”  However, if we just enjoy being  and living here.  And I mean truly living here, soaking up the path that this life has us on, speed bumps, pot holes, curves majestic views and climbing up the hills only to enjoy coasting down the other side, then we are available to complete or “higher purpose” as it is presented to us, probably, mostly likely without out us evening knowing we are doing so. 

Just a few meandering thoughts…do with them whatever you wish. ;)

"Feel the Rain on Your Skin"

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